“Rania was the missing link in my life long battle to lose weight. I have tried so many diets starting at a young age and had continued to struggle with one diet after another.  Even then I felt lost in a battle I was losing. She came along and gave me hope. From the first week I started working with her I have consistently lost each week. I have lost 16 pounds in 11 weeks. The amazing part is that I am not dieting. She took one look at a sample menu day and new exactly where I needed to make changes to see results. She customized a plan for me taking into consideration my lifestyle and food preferences, which is why this works so well. My family is also benefiting from her since I am the shopper and chef. She has taught me how to balance my daily nutrition and as a benefit my body is getting smaller and stronger. I love the fact that we can do all this over the phone and via e mail. She is a great teacher who is patient and kind in her approach. As for the cost, there are various levels of support to suit your needs, but every penny worth the expertise. I am looking forward to reaching my weight loss goal this year with Rania there to cheer me on!” –Caree, Los Angeles
“I have nothing but good things to say about Rania, she was the first and only nutritionist I worked with and has helped me understand what my body needed. I am a petite and healthy, fairly fit person, all I wanted to accomplish was to lose around 6-8 lbs that I have slowly gained in the last few years. I was a little skeptical in the beginning because nothing I have tried before had worked, I was already eating healthy etc..” “Rania created a plan for me focusing on foods that I already ate and liked, but with strategies like distributing calories throughout the day, knowing how to pair foods and being able to eat delicious treats (i.e. desert) by adjusting the rest of the meals in that day. I have so far lost 6 lbs, in a steady and healthy way. I have learned so much about nutrition, how what you eat will affect your mood and skin and reached a point where I don’t think about my plan anymore because it feels logical and like second nature to me. You do need to know that she is based in Portland, and comes to SF every few months. We met in person only once, the way we worked is through emails and scheduled phone calls. She is very prompt to emails, and phone consultations are a really easy and efficient way of having a nutritionist if you are a working professional. She also did a payment plan for me which helped tremendously b/c nutritionists in general are not cheap, but it was worth every penny. I would recommend her to any of my friends without a doubt. Call her!” –Seza, San Francisco .
“When I decided to look for a Nutritionist, I wanted to work with someone who could not only listen to me but who could also guide me towards REAL CHANGE vs. going on another diet.  I set up my initial call with Rania and immediately felt connected to her approach. I am a busy professional who had gained 18-20 pounds over the past 2 years and needed to learn how to lose weight. Rania calls this a “STRATEGY” and I really like this approach. I also chose to work with her over the phone because it alleviated stress of  making an appointment, driving to the city and then getting back to work or home.  Our calls were fluid and comprehensive and her RECAP of each session really helped to reinforce what worked for me in the past 2 weeks as well as new goals to focus on. I lost 20 pounds in 5 months- a rate of 1 pound/week and have kept this weight off now for 1  year.  I recommend Rania highly to anyone interested in a real LIFESTYLE CHANGE!” – Helen, San Francisco