Thank you for your interest in Essential Nutrition for You.  Let’s schedule a time to discuss your goals and current lifestyle, and from there see what the next best step is for us to work together.

During this consultation we will:

  • Discuss your weight, health, and family history.
  • Learn more about previous attempts at dieting and your results.
  • Discuss what a typical day looks like to help me understand patterns and behaviors you engage in daily.
  • Discuss how we can work together to develop a customized eating strategy for you.
  • Discuss the Nutrition Consulting Program that may be the best fit for you.
  • Discuss program rates and information
  • Schedule our Initial Jump Start Session

Please submit your contact information in the form below to schedule your 20-Minute Goal Assessment phone consultation. This call is billable via PayPal in the amount of $25.00 and can be applied as a credit to the Nutrition Consulting Program of your choice should you decide to move forward and work together.

Please note that all consultations are done via phone with contact between consultations via email.