In the Kitchen with Rania!

Cooking Lessons

I believe that a critical component of optimal health and lasting success is learning how to master your home environment.

When you eat clean, you live and look better. Foods that are good for you should appeal to your senses. Working with me in your home by learning to prepare healthy meals will save room on your waistline and your bank account.

Click here to learn more about cooking lessons and to set up your first class!

Meal Catering

Lady Green is a meal catering service that offers unparalleled fresh, healthy, pre-packaged, and portioned meals accommodating personal food preferences and goals.  I will work with you and your nutrition goals, lifestyle, and food preferences (vegan, low-carbohydrate, lower fat, etc.) to create the optimal menu each week.

Your meals are prepared fresh with no preservatives using healthy quality ingredients, and delivered perfectly portioned. Detailed nutrition information provided for each item.

More importantly, having your meals designed and prepared by a Nutritionist guarantees results. If you are interested in discussing meal catering services, please contact me by visiting this page.

Anti-Aging Dinner Party

Getting older is a fact of life, and I believe we should embrace it. The concept of the Anti-Aging Dinner Party™, (I like to call it the Pro-Aging Dinner Party) is to gather a few friends for an informational/social evening at your home. I will cater a 3 course meal and dessert that is seasonal, locally grown and satiating, nutritious and delicious!

When you walk into any department store, you’ll find an overwhelming number of skin care products that are infused and fortified with common and exotic fruits and vegetable extracts that will help to increase collagen, keep you looking younger, decrease age spots, elasticity, and even cellulite. Did you know that your diet can do this as well?

Those “food” components should be a part of your daily diet and the effects are more than “skin deep.” Your body will benefit from your head to your toes, inside and out.

This is a wonderful gift for your partner or spouse, mother, or girlfriends. Also, great for book clubs for you and your fabulous friends.

Booking required 1 month in advance. Click here to learn more!