Weight Loss Consulting

“I have been on a diet for two weeks and all I have lost is 2 weeks.”
– Totie Fields

Every day in our country, there are new drinks, potions, and powders that claim they will help you reach your goal once and for all. What they don’t teach you is how to MAINTAIN your goal. This is where my approach is different. With each client, I emphasize that success is not only reaching your goals but also maintaining your results.

There are 3 phases in my Weight Loss Programs:

Phase I: Adjustment

This is the first 4-7 days after your initial session. Your body is adjusting to new foods, consistency in meal/snack time and other behaviors and foods we have discussed at the Initial JUMP START Session. You will start to feel leaner and weight loss will begin to happen.

Phase II: Weight Loss

During this time in which you are consistent with eating right and exercise, your body will respond and the results will show not only on the scale but also in your energy, cravings or lack there of, skin tone, and waistline.

Phase III: Maintenance

Working together during maintenance allows you to quickly spring back from falling into old patterns. Remember success in weight loss is keeping the weight off, for life.

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