San Francisco/Bay Area

Rania is a featured partner with Worksite Wellness – helping change your employees’ lifestyles for lasting results.

A team of trusted and experienced physicians who see the value of creating healthier outcomes for their patients via optimizing their Nutrition and Lifestyles. Clients working with Rania have lowered their overall cholesterol and body weight while experiencing better health outcomes in other lifestyle related areas.

For one-on-one training in the East Bay as well as Boot Camps, the Present Body is your one stop shop.

By training with Lynne Anderson, you will get results that impact many aspects of your life developing a healthy and conditioned body which in turn enables you to meet life’s daily challenges with the physical and mental strength to perform at your best. You will notice an increase in your mental capabilities and a decrease in your stress levels.

Demetrios Demetriades is a nationally-recognized elite master trainer. His Olympic-level training with the Greek National Track and Field team set the foundation for his life-long dedication to mastering the human body.

Come rain or shine, they take it outside! New Sessions for BootCampSF start throughout the year.

Ask for Brow Beauty Sara Maita- she has been doing my brows for years. She comes highly recommended for Wedding Day Make Up.