How important is it for you to lose weight, increase your energy, get out of bed ready to meet the challenges of your day without worrying about what to eat?

In my 90 Day Program, I will provide you with the tools and “know how” of eating right. I am no different than my clients; we all have work/life schedules to balance, genes to fight, and cravings we want to indulge in. The difference, I create solutions that WORK.

The 90 Day Program is ideal for the busy professional, new mom, or chronic dieter who wants to learn how to eat right and get off the diet roller coaster.

I work with clients nationwide (and overseas) via phone and email.

Wherever you are, my approach is the same: I develop a custom strategy for you, and you implement it over the next 90 days. Along the way, you will become a more confident consumer of all things health and wellness. With follow up consultations scheduled every 2 weeks, we are able to identify what is working and create solutions to barriers you have experienced. With each week, you will be one step closer to reaching and maintaining your goal.

Please inquire for program rates and additional information.