Rania was the missing link in my life long battle to lose weight. I have tried so many diets starting at a young age and had continued to struggle with one diet after another.  Even then I felt lost in a battle I was losing. She came along and gave me hope. From the first week I started working with her I have consistently lost each week. I have lost 16 pounds in 11 weeks. The amazing part is that I am not dieting. She took one look at a sample menu day and new exactly where I needed to make changes to see results. She customized a plan for me taking into consideration my lifestyle and food preferences, which is why this works so well. My family is also benefiting from her since I am the shopper and chef. She has taught me how to balance my daily nutrition and as a benefit my body is getting smaller and stronger. I love the fact that we can do all this over the phone and via e mail. She is a great teacher who is patient and kind in her approach. As for the cost, there are various levels of support to suit your needs, but every penny worth the expertise. I am looking forward to reaching my weight loss goal this year with Rania there to cheer me on! – Caree B.

Rania’s program is too easy not to follow!  I’ve been working with her for 3 months and have been impressed with her ability to continually offer creative solutions to my requests.  She’s always adding to her extensive menu, and is flexible about adjusting recipes to meet my needs (e.g., dairy free)I definitely feel that changing my eating habits isn’t really a sacrifice at all – I wish I would have started sooner!- Liz C-

Mike S.

I’ve worked with Rania for close to two years and have found this to be an excellent service.  As someone who has an extremely busy lifestyle (work, travel, etc.) but who is also concerned with eating properly, I’ve found the convenience of her service unsurpassed.  Rania has developed custom menus for me on a weekly basis, which I then pick up from her apartment.  Alternatively, she will also deliver the food to you weekly.  I’ve really liked the items she’s prepared — which is why (in addition to the convenience factor) I’ve eaten it for as long as I have.

I have also seen Rania to discuss my goals (weight loss, better nutrition, healthier lifestyle).  I’ve found her approach to be very practical.  She has a metabolic device which she will use to determine the rate at which your body is burning calories and then will determine the amount of food you should be eating to better achieve your goals (assuming your goal is weight loss).  When you combine her program with an exercise program, you will definitely see results.  Of course, you need to be disciplined but that is one of the things that you will learn with her program.  Personally, I have lost about 30 lbs and have been really enjoyed working with Rania.  I would highly recommend her service.

Jodi B.

I met with Rania to figure out why I was not losing weight after rigorously exercising.  She had me keep a food log for 2 weeks before our first appointment so she could see my regular eating habits.  She told me right off the bat what I was doing that was preventing me from losing weight and gave me tons of meal suggestions and even certain foods to buy.   I had a goal to lose 8-10 lbs and I reached my goal by my last appointment, about 2 1/2 months later.   Thanks Rania. Now I am on maintenance with some really good tips and strategy for keeping the weight off.

Amanda H.

After working out for several months and keeping a food log, I was having mixed results and really wanted a second opinion.  Rania went through my food log day by day and gave me important feedback about what I was doing right and wrong. She gave me basic and easy daily goals to help control my calories but also get enough of the right types of food.  She also introduced me to several products that I would never have tried but I now eat every day. Very good at tailoring the suggestions to the person’s lifestyle. I told her that I had never cooked dinner, didn’t really know how to cook, and wasn’t about to start now. She accepted that and gave me alternative dinner ideas instead of recipes. I recommend keeping a detailed food log for a few weeks and letting Rania make the necessary adjustments to help you reach your personal goals.

Valentina M.

Last year, not only did I get to turn 30, but I also went from a very active, athletic job to a desk job and in a few months had put on a good 15 lbs! Plus, it’s the kind of office that has food around all the time, and I have always had pretty terrible eating habits. I had wasted money on personal trainers, books on crazy diets and workouts, numerous kinds of diet pills, and was at the end of my rope because nothing was working! My physician recommended Rania, and I was pretty skeptical and terrified that she was just going to tell me to eat cottage cheese and tomatoes all the time. (I am a suuuuper picky eater, too.) But when I met with her, we sat there and went over every food I could have (or not) and why certain foods are good or bad, how they interact with each other, with your body, your metabolism, and even the time of day. I felt totally empowered and equipped to set off on this challenge. And I got to eat great stuff like peanut butter on english muffins, greek yogurt, tortillas, cheese, meats, fruit, bread — it was astonishing. Instead of starving like with most diets, I truly found at first that I couldn’t even eat as much and as frequently as Rania recommended — how cool is that?!  So now I am sitting here 5 months later, weighing 18 lbs less than when I started!! I had to dig through boxes of clothes I never thought I would fit into again, you know, that box of “skinny clothes” that are so cute you can’t bear to get rid of, just to find some jeans that would fit (back to a size 2!) I enjoy working out more now because I can see the results. It’s easy to eat better and change the way you look at food. She was always easy to reach by email for any little question I had, anytime. Like, “I’m craving candy at 3pm lately, what can I have?” And boom, she writes back with like 6 different ideas. I can’t tell you enough how great this program is and how cool Rania is. I’m a fan, a believer, and a success story. It’s worth every penny. GO SEE HER!!!!!!!

Deep I.

Signed up expecting to achieve results within a 3-month period and fully exceeded my expectations.  The plans are very reasonable and totally customized to your personal needs.  Also, Rania is very accessible and always very responsive to questions – I found that particularly useful.  I would totally recommend her to my friends.

Juliet W.

Rania really helped me!  I met with her perhaps 6 times over the course of the Fall.  I was looking for specific strategies to help maintain my 15 pound weight loss and to maximize my health through diet.  I also wanted strategies for managing my sweet tooth and getting my kids to eat a more balanced diet.  Her advise has really worked for me.  She reviewed the daily food logs that I kept and offered suggestions that resulted in my losing another 5 pounds, without trying.  I thought Rania was so personable and knowledgeable, in fact, that I invited her to speak to my son’s class about good nutrition.  I would highly recommend her.

Blake F.

With a very reasonable and manageable approach to helping me change my eating habits, Rania helped me lose 15 pounds evenly and consistently over a three month period.  I have kept the weight off for several months since then.  I feel more confident, healthier, and have more energy, and this has led to other positive changes in my life.  Rania is a professional.  She helped me change my outlook and attitudes about food.  She listened to me explain my lifestyle, and then figured out ways for me to modify my eating and exercise within the parameters of it.  She is personable, intelligent, and articulate, and I feel comfortable talking to her about myself, which allows her to understand me better and help me find solutions to diet dilemmas.  I would recommend Rania to anyone interested in improving their lifestyle or their health.