Food Logs & Feedback was designed to help keep you accountable while on your weight loss journey. Feedback and support are critical success factors in any lifestyle management program. With this service, you will have both!

You have the option of sending a food log in each day or every week. In addition, you will have ONE 30-Minute Nutrition Consultation each month. The conversations we have related to your nutrition and eating strategy will be both educational and uplifting.

Brenda D. shares her experience with the Food Logs & Feedback!

“Food logs were very helpful in my weight loss journey.  First of all, they held me accountable and kept me honest for what I said I was going to do.  It’s easy to tell yourself  “I’ll start tomorrow” but when you commit to food logs, you are more likely to stick to your food plan.   I didn’t want to have to say I ate a lot that wasn’t on my plan.  But, it  was also encouraging to get positive feedback on my choices or be reminded to “just resume” rather than beat myself up for making a mistake.  Food logs kept me connected to Rania, who was my main support during my weight loss.

Daily food logs kept me focused on one day at a time instead of looking at my weight as something huge I couldn’t overcome.  I focused on doing the best I could for one day and, then, emailed my food log.  It was just a daily reminder that I was going to focus on and commit to making the changes I needed to make to lose the weight.

Food logs were useful to me to normalize my behavior with food.  I learned how to eat real foods I enjoy without going on and off a diet.  I learned you don’t have to be perfect or restrictive to lose weight.  I learned new strategies that helped me overcome weight loss barriers.  Steady progress by learning from daily logs and feedback is such a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off.  Now I automatically reach for better choices because I have changed my habits.  I would highly recommend doing daily food logs and checking in with your nutritionist monthly.”

Here is what Louise C. had to say!

“I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to lose weight, improve their health and learn the 1:1:1 strategy which simplifies food choices. Keeping a food log and having Rania check it every week is awesome! This service is helping me lose weight by staying focused. It also helps me keep my daily food choices on track.

When I want to change a menu item, Rania offers great ideas that keep me enjoying my meals. Her knowledge, expertise and strategies are invaluable. In addition, she has many recipes to share and a wealth of information. Each week, I look forward to reading her helpful feedback and her encouraging comments which keep me motivated. Thank you, Rania!”

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