Motivated Brides

The time before your wedding can be very stressful and you may respond by forming eating patterns that are not typical of your day-to-day patterns. Some of you want to lose inches, flatten your tummy, get your arms and back more defined for your strapless wedding gown. No matter your goals, your eating strategy should be one that provides you with energy, satisfaction, the glass of wine or the chocolate at the end of day, and above all, results!

Motivated Grooms

Getting ready for your big day is just as important for the groom. Although men typically can lose weight faster and easier, often they turn to quick fixes such as over-exercising or limiting their calories. What ends up happening with this strategy is that the results are not long lasting. Learning how to eat well before you move in with your wife-to-be sets you up for success as you will both share a healthy eating lifestyle in your home as a couple and then together as your family grows.

Bridal Party Makeover

A wonderful gift for the entire bridal party!

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