I’ve been overweight my entire life. I’ve tried Weight Watchers and Isagenix, and looking back, I realized that these programs hurt me more than they helped me.  In 2019 I heard Rania as a guest on The LadyGang podcast. Her approach of 1:1:1 seemed so doable, so I reached out. I’ve now been working with Rania for 2 years and have lost over 90 pounds. She has taught me SO much, but the biggest takeaway is that “fad diets” don’t work. Finding a sustainable healthy eating strategy does, and most importantly, one that works with MY lifestyle. I am able to make choices that support my goals, and I always have a game plan. With the right eating strategy, which is what Rania and I design and develop during our consultations, I was able to lose weight AND maintain during holidays, vacations, social events, and challenging times.

I’m a completely different person than the Cassie from 2 years ago. I have become more social, motivated, and active in every aspect of my life. I feel confident about what I am doing, seeing results, and trusting the process. Working with Rania, I finally learned HOW to eat the foods I love, and still lose weight. The 1:1:1 Diet is the one diet that I know I can live with the rest of my life.