Often, January 1 is the future date in which we mark the start of our promise to lose weight and get healthy. If your program, tactics, pill or potion did not work last year or in years past, then it is not likely the right way or more importantly, the healthiest way to start seeing changes in your waistline and on the scale. Other dates that carry this “weight”, no pun intended, is often our birthday or on a different note, when we get a diagnosis from our physician that optimizing our health and wellness is now critical.

Why start on January 1 when you can start now? Make this your year for success. Let’s take the 6 month program one step further as you not only reach but MAINTAIN your results.

Jeanette lost 1oo pounds in ONE year on The 1:1:1 Diet. You can read her story here!

With this consulting program you can also experience the benefits of cooking lessons or a kitchen makeover to create a healthier home environment. You will enjoy your transformation on your journey towards optimal health.

Once you shift into a different mentality, approach, and energy dedicated to making REAL changes and decide not to diet this year, you are more likely to move forward and beyond with lasting results.

A realistic, sustainable, and joyful eating strategy will give you the tools to not only lose the weight, but keep it off! What works for your friend and partner may not work for you. Allow yourself the opportunity to succeed this year!

Please inquire for program rates and additional information.