Anthony has an incredible story to share. Seventeen years sober, he found himself in a position where if he did not make the efforts to lose weight, there may be real consequences to his health. A strong influence in his community, he knew that he wanted to empower them and being a leader and role model was one of the driving factors.

In September 2021, Anthony weighed 277 pounds. Now, at the age of 58, he has lost 100 pounds on The One One One Diet! He has never felt stronger, more energetic, focused, and driven.  They key to his success was finally learning how to manage his relationship with food and why the ONE he chose for each macro in every meal, mattered!

Anthony has changed his wardrobe 3 times and has thrown away his  “fat” clothes because he knew this time he would never need them again! He has made the transformation both physically, and mentally. He is a true inspiration!

In his own words:

“I love the One One One concept of eating. My mother read this book and then shared it with me. And it was so simple to follow. She released 52 lbs and I have released 100lbs. Im so grateful for the work that Rania has put into this book. It has literally changed my life and inspired me to incorporate my traditional foods and cultural way of eating with more healthy habits. I am inspired!!!! Since I began my journey I have committed myself to helping others. I am currently a Certified Wellness Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer. Thank you Rania Batayneh for introducing this book and helping me find the best in myself. Releasing weight is not easy keeping it off is even harder…..However, it can be simple! This book ONE ONE ONE was what I’ve been looking for my whole life.” – Anthony S.