On average, American women gain about a pound a year between their mid-40s and their mid-50s—the time of life that matches up with the years just before and after menopause. Many women contact me at this life stage with an initial sense of hopelessness. The goal, I tell them, is to MANAGE these changes.

Aging is an inevitable process and with the transition from Peri to Post Menopause many women are losing sleep, having night sweats, feeling more anxious and depressed, and the extra weight does not help. Your feel that menopause is in control of you. I want YOU to be in control of menopause.

Working with a Nutritionist will help you identify key areas in your eating lifestyle that can help you lose the weight that has come on in the past 3 to 5+ years. This is a real life strategy not influenced by detox diets, fat flush programs, or soy laden solutions. You want to maintain a comfortable body weight and composition as you move into your 60’s and beyond. Your lifestyle will predict health outcomes as well as satisfaction in your day-to-day activities.

I have worked with many women to lower their cholesterol, slim their waistlines, enjoy food again, and not feel guilty but rather entitled to that glass of wine or piece of dark chocolate at the end of the day.

I focus on re-balancing your eating hormones to allow you to get results without a major eating makeover.

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