It is always so rewarding to hear about your success on The 1:1:1 Diet. Everyone has a different journey, but the end goal is the same: to finally learn HOW to eat, lose weight, and keep it off!

Jeannette A.

I was so excited when I received an email from Jeannette who lives in Missoula, Montana. She shared her journey with me on how she had not only lost 100 pounds in ONE year, but also how she has successfully kept the weight off! Here is an excerpt from her email. To date, Jeannette has lost 152 pounds!


Here are additional clients you will be meeting in The One One One Diet. Check out their before and after photos below.

Heather B.

I met Heather while I was working in San Francisco. She was working out 6 days/week but not seeing any results. After she kept a food diary, we tweaked her diet using The 1:1:1 Formula. She successfully lost 28 pounds while eating the foods she loved. Read her story here.

Yasmine F.

Yasmine was a success from the beginning.  She was determined and motivated to change her lifestyle for lasting results. She lost 60 pounds and has kept it off for 18+ months to date! It was a pleasure to work her. She is dedicated to her health and is an inspiration! Learn more about her journey here!

Mike G.

At the age of 29, Mike found out that he had elevated blood sugar levels as well as high cholesterol. His doctor told him that if he didn’t change his diet and lifestyle he would likely become diabetic in 10 years. He decided that it was time to take action.  Mike successfully lost 65 pounds in 8 months on The One One One Diet. He also completed his first half iron man this past June and signed up for 2 more next year. He shares more here!

Jane C.

I met Jane when I was working at a bariatric surgeon’s office. One of the requirements for her surgery was to lose 10% of her body weight. This is where her journey began. Not only did she successfully lose 75 pounds using The One One One Diet, she also cancelled her lap-band surgery! Her story was featured in Woman’s World and here is more about her journey towards optimal health!

Thank you again to all of my clients and readers who have allowed me to be a part of their weight loss and wellness journey.  Each and every one of of you inspires me to continue to do the work I love. If you have a success story you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.

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