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If you’ve tried dieting and have not had lasting results, then you understand the need for a more intelligent approach. Nutritionist Rania Batayneh, MPH creates solutions that WORK.

Rania’s programs are designed to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you see yourself in 90 Days, 6 months, or even a year from now. She has worked with over 1200 clients looking for results that go beyond today’s diet trend.

Rania’s clinical experience working at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, a bariatric practice in Portland, Oregon played an important role in her decision to share The 1:1:1 Formula in her book. She worked directly with pre-op bariatric surgery patients on a supervised diet and weight loss program giving them the tools and strategies they needed to achieve the criteria set by their insurance provider of a 10% weight loss during the mandated time period.

With that said, dozens of potential surgery clients opted out of the procedure as they were able to not only lose the 10% weight loss requirement , but from there continued to lose weight without surgery. I share the story of one woman named Jane C. who I met at the clinic who opted out of surgery. In fact, my book received national attention with a cover story on Woman’s World Magazine stating that “The 1:1:1 Diet is Better than Lap-Band”. The thought of skipping a date with a scalpel was so reassuring to the thousands and thousands of people who have struggled with chronic dieting.

Everyone has a different goal – but their commitment to health is the same. My commitment is to transform your current lifestyle to the want that you want – one that is a pleasure to live in.

There are 3 Nutrition Consulting Programs within Rania’s practice.

There are also 3 phases in each Weight Loss Program:

Phase I: Adjustment

This is the first 4-7 days after your initial session. Your body is adjusting to new foods, consistency in meal/snack time and other behaviors and foods we have discussed at the Initial JUMP START Session. You will start to feel leaner and weight loss will begin to happen.

Phase II: Weight Loss

During this time in which you are consistent with eating right and exercise, your body will respond and the results will show not only on the scale but also in your energy, cravings or lack there of, skin tone, and waistline.

Phase III: Maintenance

Working together during maintenance allows you to quickly spring back from falling into old patterns. Remember success in weight loss is keeping the weight off, for life.

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